Logic Pro X - How It Works

Logic Pro X - How It Works

By Edgar Rothermich

  • Release Date : 2015-09-14
  • Genre : Digital Media
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Score: 4.5
From 58 Ratings
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Logic Pro X - How It Works "Logic Pro X - How It Works" was not only the first manual available for Apple's music production app "Logic Pro X", it is the most comprehensive one and simply the best way to learn Logic.
"Logic Pro X - How It Works" is also the only Logic book available as an interactive multi-touch eBook. On 849 pages, the author explains the app in great detail with additional background information that is often required to fully understand specific features. Many of the information regarding the functionality of Logic Pro X is found neither in the official documentation nor anywhere else.

 Logic Pro X is a very deep and sometimes complex application that users (beginners and pros alike) often struggle with. This is where the unique approach of the Graphically Enhanced Manuals series come in. No matter how complex or complicated the subject is, the author provides easy to understand graphics and diagrams that let the reader understand and master the material.
This interactive multi-touch eBook includes a 600 term Glossary that is linked throughout the content of the book.

This is part one of two Logic books. "Logic Pro X - How It Works" and "Logic Pro X - The Details

Readers love this unique way of leaning applications no matter how easy or complicated the app might be. Here are some responses from satisfied customers:

"I wish all the manuals on software were like yours!" - Giovanni C.
"You have the gift of making difficult concepts understandable" - William B.
"Your style is the most informative and clear I have ever seen" - Mark D.
"Great stuff Edgar! I bought your other Logic GEM books and love em..." - fform
"Thank you so much for your fantastic guides; I've learned so much!" - Brandon B.
"I love your manuals."  - Eli. 


That is the motto of the book series "Graphically Enhanced Manuals" (GEM). They're a new type of manual with a visual approach that helps you UNDERSTAND a program, not just LEARN it. No need to read through 500 pages of dry text explanations. Rich graphics and diagrams help you to get that "aha" effect and make it easy to comprehend difficult concepts. The Graphically Enhanced Manuals help you master a program much faster with a much deeper understanding of concepts, features and workflows in a very intuitive way that is easy to understand


  • Excellent Book

    By JC00042
    Edgar does an excellent job of making a complex program understandable. If you're serious about learning logic buy this book. It's simply the best.
  • Excellent format!

    By Antkn33
    This format is great for learning. The visual ascpect is very helpful. Being able to click terms and view definitions is also very helpful. I would highly recommend this book for anyone learning Logic.
  • Amazing - Leveled up my production

    By Danny Dance
    When I upgraded to Logic Pro X, I was initially overwhelmed by all the new features, integrated Environment, and other enhancements. I have to say that this book really helped flatten the learning curve of upgrading—after all, the whole point of upgrading any software is to be able to make use of its new features. This book has more than paid for itself in how much better I’ve been able to use my DAW of choice—and how much faster I am at making music. Instabuy.
  • Excellent Visually based Guide to Logic Pro X

    By Aureal
    This is one of the best, if not the best, visually based guides to using Logic Pro X. The added value of the graphics and multi touch feature to the iBooks version is hard to deny. I also want to add that Edgar is a very helpful member of the Logic Pro Apple Community and so his work on this book reflects his willingness to share his knowledge, providing a great way of learning all the important element of Logic in a manner that most people will find both enjoyable and informative. Highly recommended indeed!
  • For Beginners Only

    By PCNH
    If you can get around in Logic already this is not the book for you. The format is excellent, but the quality of information is at best beginner to intermediate. Full of typos as well. Anytime a subject needs to be covered in depth, It’s pushed off to a book that doesn’t exist yet. Only makes me wary of making another purchase in this series(will the next book defer to the next after that?). Seems more like a carrot on a stick. This was a waste of 2 days reading and $20 for me. Non- enlightening.
  • owner

    By music1119
    If you are a first time Logic User…. or especially if you plan to make Logic X your main DAW platform, you need this book. Really, you need all of Edgar’s books. Well written from a long time user, now in these days where software doesn’t come with any real manual other than maybe a pdf file, this book will take you where you need to go. Fire it up on your iPad, or extra monitor as you work. You will be turning to it allot even if you are an experienced user. I’ve been using Logic since back in the days of Emagic.. ,… a long time. And this Ibook version is special too, I have pdf and Ibook versions. You want the ibook. The format is perfect for the presentation of information and quick learning.
  • Great book, but beware advanced users!

    By RickshawMe
    I believe the purpose of a rating system is to rate a product for the quality what it is, not what I assumed it was. This claims to be a book that explains how Logic Pro X works, and do so with a different approach to teaching (GEM). It does that and does that very, very well. This is a 5-star book. However, I made the mistake of buying it thinking I might learn something new from it. I didn't learn anything that I don't already know, as an advanced user of Logic. But the title of the book is How It Works. It's not like the author is trying to convince you it's anything other than a beginner's book, with that title. I discovered in the intro of the book that the author is working on a 2nd book called "Logic Pro X The Details" which he expects to release first half of 2014. Had I known this, I would have never bought this, and rather just waited for The Details and bought that. If I had one criticism, it would be that you have to pay for this book to find out there's another more advanced book coming out (unless of course you're in the know or you frequent Logic forums with this info). Perhaps the author could put something about this in the description on Itunes. With all that said, for beginner's to Logic, I believe there isn't a better book out there than this one.
  • This is only part one?

    By Gtrabuse
    I bought this book because it was advertised as a complete resource for Logic Pro X and that its rich graphics were a new concept- the GEM concept. These graphics are just big pictures. Nothing more. The most upsetting thing I discovered was that I now need a second book to learn about the Advanced topics. I was especially interested in the music notation features, but they are not covered in this volume. So much for a complete resource.
  • In a league of its own

    By gustavoMMM
    I never new that learning could be so much fun and engaging until I discovered this book series “GEM”. Manuals should only be available in this interactive textbook style. The apps nowadays are so complex and just reading through a text manual is just too frustrating and tedious. With this interactive book I can read, and every important term is hyperlinked. I click on it and a small overlay window pops up with the explanation (even with graphics, whow). This way, I can start reading anywhere in the book. I can even learn Logic by going through the cross-referenced glossary. Did I mention that it is also “graphically enhanced”? AN amazing piece of work.
  • Best Logic Book out there

    By Adam-PVC
    This book is really a “GEM”. I haven’t seen any book where the author puts so much effort in even the smallest detail. I learned so much beyond Logic itself because the author seem to care about the reader/user and explains even non-Logic topics that might be important to understand the Logic topic itself. Especially for me, upgrading from GarageBand, I needed all the help I could get. I’m really impressed. Thanks for such a great book.